GPCR-Nanoscreen – University of Copenhagen

GPCR-Nanoscreen: Nanoscale High Content Analysis for G protein coupled receptors

GPCR-Nanoscreen: Nanoscale High Content Analysis for G protein coupled receptors is a Strategic research project DSF-1311-00002B funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research with 23 M DKK for the period 2014 to 2018. The project will take place at the Bionanotechnology and Nanomedicine Laboratory at the Nano-Science Center and Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

Project Mission

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) control fundamental physiological processes involved in a host of diseases, which has positioned GPCR proteins as the target of ~40% of all currently available drugs.

In this project we will develop a new generation of nano-scale analysis assays that will improve our chances to discover new drugs targeted at GPCR proteins. These assays will be based on fluorescence microscopy imaging of single living cells and single GPCR molecules, consequently they will require minimal amounts of biological sample material reducing associated costs. They will be quicker, cheaper and more informative than the current leading technologies.

Capitalizing on the expertise of our industrial partner Novo Nordisk A/S, we aim at providing important and missing information on the biomolecular interactions that regulate the function of receptors involved also in the pathology of diabetes and obesity.

This is important not only from a biological perspective, but may ultimately lead to development of improved therapeutics that provide a better diabetes care, ultimately easing the society from the burden of diabetes and obesity epidemics.